Advanced Excel Course

2 Month Duration 5000 Fees fees

if students have basic knowledge fees will be 4000 only dally 1hrs lecture

Advanced Excel:
B Perfect Advanced Excel course includes online excel charts and tables, uses spreadsheets efficiently, and performs calculations and automation to process large volumes of data.
Advanced Excel skills are a real asset both during the job and everyday work tasks data. here we introduced you to excel from basic to 40+ formulas of if, lookup functions, v lookup / n lookup, online excel, and many more. With a central government certificate of advanced excel at the end of the course and an online exam.
Also, suggest placements jobs at the end of the course.
our new Advanced excel Syllabus at our cidco branch advanced excel is a comparatively easy course to understand if taught by an experienced professional…

Central Govt. Certificate, Effective lecture, online Exam, Flexible time, Unlimited time facility Get free demo lecture.


  • Introduction of Excel
  • Home tab insert tab
  • page layout tab in advanced
  • formulas tab,
  • with basic to advance
  • pivot tables & charts
  • data validation
  • slice mode active
  • protect sheet and workbooks
  • frees panel
  • data tools
  • micros works
  • Add+In Advanced Options
  • name manager links
  • Auto Filter setting
  • Data proofing
  • SmartArt Graphic
  • illustration excel
  • auto Correction
  • Proofing, Customize
  • Ribbon Auto Form Fill
  • Customer List
  • Excel 40+ Formulas sheet practice
  • IF+Datedif formulas
  • Data connection
  • Multiple sheet connection
  • auto Seve options
  • Sheet Link file link
  • with there data
  • Advanced sheet security
  • Online Excel
  • Data Security Password
  • Custom List Sheet
  • List link with Mallin
  • MS word data connect
  • online excel user
  • online excel data updating
  • online manage excel data
  • developing micros intro
  • printing and page setup
  • final project in excel
  • Lookups functions and formulas
  • V-Lookup / H+Lookup
  • index and match
  • treating smooth user
  • interface using lookup
  • nested vlookup
  • reverse lookup using choose function
  • Worksheet links using indirect
  • Vlookup with helper column
  • What if Analysis
  • goal seek scenario analysis
  • Data Tables
  • Solver Tool
  • PMT Functions