MS-Office Course

Ms office:
In Ms office we introduced you to Microsoft word in its common feature, the introduction of Microsoft word editing documents, tables creating reports, newsletters, and info about mail merge.
Microsoft PowerPoint you learn about PowerPoint basic tools, presentation format, enhancing PowerPoint presentation skills, and finalizing it.
And Microsoft excel where you learn about excel 2010 works with functions, formulas, charts, charting data, advanced functions, pivot charts, pivot tables, printing, formatting, and editing excel sheets. With the central governmental certificate which is used for placement all over India

Syllabus :

  • Microsoft Word
  • Using the common feature of the Microsoft office
  • Getting started with Microsoft word
  • editing documents and using tables
  • learning more about mail merge
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Getting Started with PowerPoint
  • Working with List and Graphics
  • Enhancing a Presentation
  • Finalizing a Presentation
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Getting Started with Excel
  • Working With Functions, Formulas, and charts
  • charting data and worksheet
  • Advanced Functions, Pivot Charts, and Pivot tables
  • Advanced Printing, Formatting, and Editing