Terms & Conditions

Our Cancellation Policy

The following policies and procedures apply to all better Program training sessions and courses.
Students have to come to class regularly if not attending classes inform us 2 days before. Any emergency will be considered by case have to bring medical certificate if not feeling well. No replacement classes for missing classes without any serious reasons.
Fees have to be paid exactly by the due date mentioned in the fee receipt/contract (cannot consider students absent or postponing the lesson) for late payment there will be fine of 200 rupees / Week, If you want installments there will be 500 Rupees extra for each installment.
Students who enroll for Designing courses with a project should submit the project within four weeks after the completion of course. Students who have enrolled for our courses with exam are entitled to attend the exam within two weeks after the completion of course.
If a student is not attending the class continuously for one month without any written intimation. The institute has the right to terminate his/ her course.
Please switch off your mobile phone in the class, Eating and drinking are not allowed in the lab.
Registration Fee & Course Fee are not refundable. No refund, if the student attends a demo lecture then he admit our course his fees not refundable any circumstances.
Fee once paid will not be refunded. However, if there is any excess payment for any reason whatsoever, the student may file his/her claim with the Registrar of their respective institute for further action.
In the event that an over-payment is made against the total of course Fees due, the credit balance arising will be used to offset any debt or invoice arising from accommodation, library debts or any other legitimate charge in due date order. If there is no other debt or invoice, any remaining credit balance will be refunded in accordance with B Perfect Training. Normal refund procedure. Refunds must be requested and supported by written authorization from the student. Returns are usually made manually and student will get a cheque. for return payments.
We notify students at least 5 days in advance for any delay in course commencement date such postponement is kept, within two 2 weeks. These Terms and Conditions are valid and supersede all previously published conditions of acceptance.

For More Information Please contact our Legal Adviser Advocate Yogesh Sureadkar 9145294013